Dino Explorer Suite

Dino Explorer Suite

Dino Explorer Suite analyses and support decision making in complex IBM Mainframe environments running the zOS operating system.

The objective of Dino Explorer Suite is to build a complete mainframe SMF log database environment for Governance and Analytics.

The Dino Explorer Suite enables you to collect SMF logs in real-time, in a fully automated, user-friendly, and highly efficient way, thus incurring cost reductions. Fully based on the distributed system platform (could be z/Linux), the solution uses its own extractors and messaging system in a non-intrusive way to collecting and consolidating all necessary mainframe log records.

  1. Collect mainframe events in real time
  2. Consolidate events into Dino database
  3. Correlate any mainframe events in a business oriented view
  4. Years of historical data online, available for trend and predictive analysis

Mainframe SMF records are captured in real-time, using no mainframe I/O and minimal CPU time, then transported to a relational database (Microsoft SQL Server) for analysis and historical storage. The data is updated, building a powerful source for strategic information on your z/OS systems.


  • Maintaining a database of mainframe services.
  • Meets regulatory requirements such as SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley).
  • Spend little on resources
  • Scale to billions of records.
  • Provides a 360 degrees overview of the mainframe environment.
  • Standardize processes to collect SMF records.
  • Serves disciplines of governance.
  • Generation of important information for BIG DATA analytics

Dino Explorer Suite



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