Mass Batch Updates to the AD

This useful interface to the TWS z/OS Application Database permits mass changes, “cloning” and/or maintenance in batch mode. Productivity is increased by minimizing dialog usage.

Modify, insert, delete or copy the following objects: Applications, Run Rules, Run Cycles, Operations, Predecessors, Special Resources, Calendars, Periods, ETT. Selection criteria can be defined using wildcards.

TWS/BatchAD is time-saving and prevents manual errors when large numbers of updates have to be carried out.

This inexpensive product is especially useful in test environments or any situations where mass changes have to be carried out: Mergers, consolidations, migrations and system changes. When used in conjunction with TWS/Audit (separate product), a “roll-back” option allows “what-if” scenarios.

TWS/BatchAD is easy to install and use and can be integrated into REXX, CLISTS or dialog programs for customized solutions.